How to prepare for the procedure?

The day of surgery can be stressful. The information on how to prepare for the procedure and what the hospital stay will be like influences the patient’s comfort and safety. There are several things worth taking care of prior to the SiLaC or Bascom Cleft Lift procedures.

Lab tests

Several days prior to the procedure, have blood tests done: CBC, CRP, and APTT. If the results are within normal ranges, it is enough to bring them with you. If any of the values falls below or above the limits, contact our assistants by phone or email.


You don’t need to shave the intergluteal cleft before the procedure. The doctor will remove the hair from the surgical area using special surgical clippers, thus preventing wound infection and the ingrowing of hair. Shaving is also contraindicated during the recovery period.


The procedure is conducted in tumescent anesthesia, which means that the pain medication is administered in large volume and small concentration. Thanks to this type of anesthesia, you will leave the clinic and return home immediately after the procedure without feeling any pain.

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Have a meal

The procedure is not done under general anesthesia, so you don’t need to fast. Regardless of weather the procedure is planned for the morning, afternoon or evening, have a proper meal. The drop in blood sugar can make you feel faint.


You will receive special disposable shorts for the time of the procedure. After the procedure and during wound healing, choose loose clothes that will not restrain your movement, won’t be tight on the buttocks, and are comfortable. Avoid tight jeans and tights made of artificial fibers.

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